Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Magical World of Book Blogs

So my good friend Reader Riah introduced me to the magical world of book blogs the other day. There are so many fantastic ones out there! So I thought I'd add to it...just what the internet need, right? Another blog? But I have ideas and thoughts that must be heard!

However, as I got a Nook, I found I had more time to read (squeezed in between diaper changes and such). And I want to talk about these books with other people. I also told my husband the other day that I really needed to re-read all the books I had, and then decide what I wanted to keep. Right now my books are just another thing for my son to throw on the floor. So then I decided, wouldn't it be fun to review all those books online? I think it will help me really clarify my thoughts on them. Of course, I'll also be reviewing new books too. I'm excited about this. I think it will be a fun exercise in something I love. I hope so anyway.


Laura Hartness said...


Welcome to book blogging! I started about a year and a half ago, and it's been just great. I'm a busy mom, too, sometimes reading 1/4 of a page at a time at stop lights. But because of my blog, I've been reading more (and watching less TV) than I ever have in my life. And posting reviews helps me actually remember what I read!

Thanks for entering my contest, and I hope you post a review of your prize, Mr. Darcy's Secret, whenever you get a chance to read it.


Laura Hartness
The Calico Critic
(Your first follower!)

Lisa said...

Thanks! You win my Awesome Person award for being my first follower. I think part of wanting to do this also stems from wanting to talk it all out. My husband is a patient listener, but unless I'm reading about programming it's not really his thing. If nothing else it will be fun to go through my old books and remember why I liked them enough to keep them in the first place!

Reader Riah said...

Way to tell me about your new blog, Lisa! I'm glad your adding to the plethora of book reviewers on here! It's fun, addicting, and super exciting when you win free books! I've found so many on here that I never would have read otherwise. And now my life is forever changed. :)

Sarah said...

Welcome to the exciting world of book blog. You'll never look at another book the same again.