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Review: Wishes for Beginners by Eileen Cook

Title:Wishes for Beginners
Author:Eileen Cook
Publisher:Simon & Schuster
Pub. Date:06/14/2011
ISBN:1416998128 (ISBN13: 9781416998129)

The second in a series of books about Willow's adventures as she masters her secret fairy powers, navigates sprite training, tries to ignore her perfect older sister, and maintains a friendship with Katie, the most un-normal of humans. Miranda, the most popular girl in fourth grade, comes to school with exciting news: her older cousin is getting married, and Miranda will be in the bridal party! This is great news for Willow, because Miranda's cousin has hired Willow's mom to provide the cake. She is certain this is her chance to finally get closer to Miranda. She makes it sound as if she is very involved in her mother's bakery and wedding planning business. Suddenly Willow is gaining popularity as the fourth grade expert on all things wedding. The only one who doesn’t seem impressed is her best friend, Katie. Willow thinks she’s finally arrived when Miranda invites her to an exclusive birthday slumber party. The only problem is that it is so exclusive, Katie hasn’t been invited. Then, when Willow tries to use some fairy magic to make Miranda’s cousin’s wedding even bigger and better, everything goes horribly wrong. She might ruin the wedding, blow her first slumber party, and lose her best friend all in one. It’s going to take magic to survive fourth grade.

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I haven't read this first book in this series, but I found this book to be quite delightful. Willow in a fairy godmother who has decided to attend human (or as the fairies call them "humdrums") school. Naturally, Willow must keep her status as a fairy a secret from the humans. So not only does Willow have to contend with the normal fourth grade issues like best friends, boys, and being popular (or not), she also has to try and learn to be a good fairy godmother. This includes learning to grants wishes.

Willow's two main issues in this book is trying to keep her secret from her best friend Katie, who always wants to come to her house. This would of course be difficult because Willow's mom, dad, and older sister don't really know how to act around humans. Willow also has a desire to grant her very first wish to a girl in her class, Miranda. Miranda is going to be a junior bridesmaid and desperately wants to keep her very loose front tooth from falling out before the wedding. To make this wish come true, Willow is going to need help from a tooth fairy. Tooth fairies are not know for being cooperative about deviating from their schedules. What will Willow do?

Willow was a fun main character. Naturally she gets in trouble with her wacky ideas, but she really has good intentions. This book was so cute and would be a really fun read for young girls. I'm sure they can feel Willow's pain even without magical powers. The ideas of loyalty and friendship are also discussed. Mostly though, this is just a really fun book.

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