Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Sunset Lavaflies by Scott Niven

Title:Sunset Lavaflies
Author:Scott Niven
Pub. Date:04/08/2011

Aboard a spaceship, a crew made up of children heads back to Earth to deliver a message from God. In the Sonoran Desert, a mother protects her daughter from a horrifying event. And on a drought-ravaged farm, a farmer seeks help from a supernatural source. Sunset Lavaflies collects these three tales of speculative fiction into one short story collection that will have you wondering "What If?" all night long.

(Summary and cover via Goodreads)


This was a series of 3 short stories. They were fascinating. The first story is about a spaceship with children aboard who are convinced they have received a message from God. The children want to return to Earth to share their message, but the people on Earth are not so sure they want to hear. This story asked some interesting questions, however I felt the ending was a little abrupt. The second story was fairly short. It's kind of hard to describe without spoiling anything, but it involved a mother protecting her daughter. It was rather bizarre, but still entertaining.

The last story is about a man who discovers something extraordinary in the lake near his home. He's soon forced to make a difficult choice when the area is ravaged by drought. I think this was my favorite story of the three, but they were all good in different ways. I think short stories can sometimes be hard to get into, but that was not the case with these. They are an excellent way to spend some time reading. They stories are very fast reads, but they are definitely worth your time. 

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