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Trinity Blog Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for Trinity by C.J. Bolyne! Lots of great things in this post including a guest post, review, and giveaway, so keep reading!

Payton thought she had a normal, everyday life. When a mysterious man suddenly appears, he shatters her world telling her that her entire life has been a lie. She is a god with the Guardians having lived for 1000's of years. The Anords know where she is and he needs to protect her at all costs. Payton holds the key to saving humanity. However, a mysteriously familiar woman complicates everything.

About CJ Bolyne:
CJ Bolyne is a first time author and Trinity is her first book.
Born and raised in Southeastern Manitoba, Canada, CJ was an avid reader dreaming of the day she would write her own fantasy / sci-fi book.
When she’s not writing, CJ spends her time on her farm with her husband and multiple pets. She runs a full-time pet grooming business.
Her first book, Trinity, is the first in the series.

C.J. Bolyne has written a guest post for us today:

Hey everyone! Thanks for popping by on Day 4 of my very first virtual blog tour for my very first book, Trinity! I appreciate you being here and a huge thank you to Lisa for hosting me today.

Trinity is about a young woman – Payton – who thought she had your every day, ordinary life. After an extraordinary encounter with a stranger, she finds herself in another world. A world that she does not even remember. Apparently, someone had wiped and changed her memory and the only one who can restore it is this stranger.

“Hello” he said quietly. That slight grin was back on his lips.

“Uh, hey. How’d you get in here? I locked the back door already.”

“I have my ways” he answered.

“Yeah, well, that’s not an answer to my question. I have a few questions in fact. Like, number one, who are you? And number two, how did you know my name. That’s just for starters!” Payton’s voice squeaked a little. She was scared now.

The stranger took a step toward Payton. She took a step back. “Stop right there buddy! I do know how to defend myself!” Payton warned. The stranger could see that she was shaking. ‘She’s terrified of you,’ he thought. ‘We can’t have that. I must calm her; ease her mind.’

“Please, do not be afraid,” he tried to use a soothing tone. “I am not here to harm you. I am here to protect you.”
“Protect me? From who or what?” Payton demanded.

“It’s a long story Payton. I am your guardian. I am Terran.” he said.

“Alright, so now I know your name at least. So Terran, who are you and why would I need protection?” she asked.

“Can we go somewhere private to talk?” he asked.

“We are alone here! Right here! So talk!” she started to yell.

“No, we’re not” he said and grabbed her around the waist tight. Just before they seemed to disappear from her shop, she saw a shadow figure coming towards her … then darkness.

They landed, or he landed and had to steady her when her knees buckled. She shook her head. It felt fuzzy. When things cleared, she looked around. It was dark, cold and clammy – a cave.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“Safe, for now.” he replied.”

Be sure to check out C.J. Bolyne's website and Facebook page. You can purchase Trinity at Smashwords, Lulu, or Amazon.


Payton has a average life. Late one night though, she stops to help a stranger in distress. Soon she learns this stranger is even stranger than she had imagined, and Payton finds herself caught up in a world she didn't even know existed. It seems Payton's true identity has been hidden from her. Now Payton must struggle to regain her memory even as she tries to keep away from a rival faction that is very interested in her. 

This was a bit of a familiar story (girl is actually really important but has lost her memory), but it has a freshness to it due to the creativity of the plot. I found the story so interesting. There was a particular part of the story about another mysterious woman that was so cool. That kept me reading until the end and wanting more. It definitely managed to capture my attention. It was a very unique concept. I had a couple problems when reading though. One was I found the characters hard to keep up with a bit. Names of the gods were sort of thrown at me without too much information about them, so it was hard to keep up with who was who. I'm also horrible with just remembering names without some kind of distinguishing characteristic though. The other was that sometimes there were a lot of short sentences in a row. This could make for a choppy narrative, and that could take me out of the story a bit.

Getting past those things though, I was really intrigued by the story. I liked that Payton managed to take charge of her own destiny even when she was unsure what it was. Not only was Terran dreamy, he made a great companion for Payton. I did wish I got a little more information about the conflict between the various factions of the gods. Overall though, this book did a great job of leaving me hanging and wanting more. That ending was a little surprising and left me with tons of questions. I know I will be looking for the sequel. This book is creative and will leave you wondering what happens next.

Book provided for review

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