Thursday, December 20, 2012

Living in the Light Blog Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for Living in the Light by Lacey A. West!

From darkness to light.
Living in a world of turmoil and unrest is trying, but when the disquiet is in your own mind, it is infinitely more difficult to deal with.
With their years of counseling experience and a firm gospel foundation, Lacey A. West and Gary L. Anderson will inspire you to rise above the gloom of this world and discover a happier, more peaceful way of life.
Learn exactly how to conquer feelings of discouragement, anxiety, low self-esteem, and the other negative emotions plaguing our modern world. The gospel’s message of hope is clear: no matter how much darkness is attacking your mind, you can fight back.
This powerful combination of behavior-changing techniques and gospel-centered truths will transform your life. After reading Living in the Light, you will know your own strength and be better armed to fight this war against depression.

Lacey West, a wife, mother, and registered nurse, was born and raised in Delta, Utah.  She graduated with honors from Southern Utah University with a bachelor degree in Nursing.  Motivated by a desire to conquer her own depression, she spent years researching mental health.  She enjoys writing, spending time with family, playing the violin, creating healthy recipes, photography, sewing, and fishing.  She resides with her husband and two children in Wichita, Kansas.
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Depression and anxiety can consume the lives of those who suffer from these afflictions. You often see no way out and begin to give up hope of ever escaping the pattern of constant negativity. However, this book shows that there is a way out. It requires a complete change in how you think about things. Written by someone who has dealt with depression and with the help of a mental health professions, this book is written with the LDS person in mind. It gives practical and spiritual tips to help change your negative thoughts and help to relieve depression and anxiety.

I found this book to be fascinating. I suffer from anxiety. At times it has seemed severe, but for the most part it does not interfere with my life. As such, I have never felt the need to medicate. This book emphasizes that medication can be an important part of dealing with depression and anxiety, but that you must also work on changing negative thought patterns to truly see a change. In reading this book, I have gained some very useful knowledge. Although I haven't had a chance to put it into practice yet, I can see how it might help.

While there is a lot of practical knowledge about dealing with depression and anxiety, there is also a great deal of thought given to the spiritual side of it. Depression and anxiety can seem very dark, while the Gospel is full of light. Just like we must replace negative thought patterns with positive ones, we can replace the darkness in our life with the light of Christ. I think this multifaceted approach is what makes this book unique. I also enjoyed that the author makes it a point to say that these actions won't deal away with sadness and anxiety forever. It merely gives us the tools to better cope with these things do come up. This is a very realistic approach. This book is not meant to replace a therapist if needed, but I think it can offer some very helpful ideas to those of us who find ourselves locked in patterns of negative thinking. Reading it has given me a great sense of hope that maybe I don't have to feel this anxiousness forever. I look forward to applying these concepts in my life.

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West Family said...

Thanks so much for reviewing my book! Glad you liked it!

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This looks like an interesting book. Thanks for your thoughts and the review.

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