Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: Off to Camp and Discovering Art by Ann T. Bugg

Title:Off to Camp and Discovering Art
Author:Ann T. Bugg
Publisher:Writers AMuse Me Publishing
Pub. Date:11/22/2012
ISBN:1927044464 (ISBN13: 9781927044469)

Valerie and Samantha are disappointed that their schedules were not allowing them to spend a week together this summer as they have every year since they were young. Fortunately, their parents are able to plan a weekend camping trip towards the end of summer. The girls are happy for the visit, but sad to think they can't go through the mirror on another adventure this year. They soon discover that the magic is not only within the mirror, but within themselves when they are together. Merlin the magician shows up to take them on their quest to help Arthur find his true identity and his place in Camelot.

(Summary and cover via Goodreads)

Valerie and Samantha are back for a third time! Afraid they weren't going to get to spend a week together like always, they are pleased when they find out their parents have planned a joint family campout! Exciting as this is, Valerie and Samantha are sad they will likely miss out on their fairy tale adventure though the magic mirror. Fortunately, they won't miss out on fun though, because Merlin shows up and requests their assistance in helping a young man named Arthur find his destiny. Just the kind of thing Valerie and Samantha were hoping for.

Once again, this book manages to be cute and fun. The girls are growing up some, but they still manage to retain a fun sense of belief in the extraordinary. This book is a departure from the previous two some because instead of getting reworked fairy tales, we get a reworked Arthurian story. I love that these books are able to take stories that kids may be familiar (or not as familiar) with and show it in a new light. It breaths some freshness into old stories so well. Kids and adults will definitely enjoy these books!

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