Friday, May 31, 2013

Review: Shayla Witherwood, A Half-Faerie Tale by Tamra Torero

Title:Shayla Witherwood, A Half-Faerie Tale
Author:Tamra Torero
Publisher:Cedar Fort
Pub. Date:5/8/2012
ISBN:1599559633 (ISBN13: 9781599559636)

Shayla Witherwood has never been like other girls. Being a half-faerie will do that to you. But with magical powers like invisibility, shape-shifting, and healing kisses, high school is bound to be anything but boring. Throw in an ancient prophecy that is sure to get someone killed and a few unpredictable enchantments, and you have one of the most anticipated fairy tales of the season.

(Summary and cover via Goodreads)


Shayla has had an interesting life so far. She got the chance to travel the country with her grandparents while she did homeschool. After her grandfather passes away though, Shayla's grandmother decides it's time to settle down. Settling into a new public school would be hard enough, but Shayla also has to contend with the fact that she is, in fact, a faerie. Well, half a faerie. Not only does she have to learn to work her way through the social structure of school, but she also has to learn how to deal with her faerie magic. This all may be harder said then done.

This is a very cute book. I really felt for Shayla and all the changes going on in her life. The teenage years are hard enough without having to worry about how to hide your pointed ears from the rest of the school. Luckily Shayla makes some good friends along the way, and she even manages to catch the eye of a handsome young man. I found Shayla's problems to be, for the most part, very relatable. We may not all be faeries, but I think we've all wanted to disappear for a bit. I just never realized the problems disappearing could make too.

I kind of saw where the plot was going, but I still had great fun reading it. Although the book still managed to give me a surprise or two in there too, so that was good. This is just an easy read that will let you escape for a bit into a world that may seem very familiar. Young girls will enjoy the book too, and they will probably see a lot of themselves in Shayla.