Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Little Girl and Her Shadow Blog Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for The Little Girl and Her Shadow by O.K. Reade!

Having the cutest dresses, the best toys, and the softest bed isn’t enough to make this little girl happy. All she ever does is whine and complain. Finally, her shadow decides to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget! With a gentle reminder about the value of gratitude and friendship, this delightfully illustrated picture book will charm children and parents alike.

About the author:
O. K. Reade lives in New York City with his son. He is a mathematics teacher by day and a writer/cartoonist by night.

For the little girl who has it all, life can still be hard. Sometimes it's never enough. So the little girl with it all with complain and complain, until one day her shadow has had enough. Will her shadow leaving be enough to teach the grumpy girl a lesson?

This book was so cute, and it had a great message as well. The little girl is never given a name, but she's certainly not very happy. Despite everything she has, she constantly complains about everything and everyone. She certainly does not like herself. One day though, her shadow leaves to play with another, much happier girl. The little girl with everything manages to learn a thing or two from her shadow and this girl.

I thought the drawing were so bright and fun. Also, this book is written in rhyme, and it manages to have a wonderful rhythm to it. It just seems to bounce along. Young kids will certainly enjoy this book, and it has a wonderful lesson for them to learn as well. It's a story that can brighten up your day.

Book provided for review.

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