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Review: Your Child's Writing Life by Pam Allyn

Title:Your Child's Writing Life
Author:Pam Allyn
Publisher:Penguin Group USA
Pub. Date:08/02/2011
ISBN:1583334394 (ISBN13: 9781583334393)

An illuminating, first-of-its-kind resource to help parents foster a love of writing in their child's life.

New educational research reveals that writing is as fundamental to a child's development as reading. But though there are books that promote literacy, no book guides parents in helping their child cultivate a love of writing. In this book, Pam Allyn, a nationally recognized educator and literacy expert, reminds us that writing is not only a key skill but also an essential part of self-discovery and critical to success later in life. Allyn offers the "the five keys" to help kids WRITE-Word Power, Ritual, Independence, Time, and Environment-along with fun, imaginative prompts to inspire and empower children to put their thoughts on the page.

A groundbreaking blueprint for developing every child's abilities, Your Child's Writing Life teaches parents how to give a gift that will last a lifetime.

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Every parent wants their child to be successful and happy. Reading and writing are essential to success in school and beyond. How can we as parents help our children to not only become good writers but to love it also? These are some of the issues that this book addresses. This book is written in a clear style with many easy to understand concepts to help your child grow in writing through all ages. Starting with scribbles as a toddler, helpful ideas are given to recognize different developmental stages in writing. Ways to make writing fun and rewarding for children are also included.

I found myself brimming with ideas after reading this book. The parts I found most helpful were the lists of books to cater to each developmental stage and the different prompts given. There were so many amazing ways to include writing in your everyday life. This can keep kids interested and help them see how important good writing skills are. I also love that the author embraces new technologies in helping kids learn to love writing. While it is important to learn to write letters and such, technology can help increase writing skills too. We would do well as parents to allow our children to discover what's comfortable for them.

I think that parents and even teachers could stand to learn a lot from this book. There are so many great ideas to not only help your child, but also to help you get involved in your child's writing. From whimsical fairy tales to serious essays, ideas to help children with expressing these thoughts are all covered in this book. I hope that I can take what I learned and help my child to become a confident writer as he grows.

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