Friday, March 23, 2012

Cobble Cavern Blog Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for Cobble Cavern by Erik Olsen!

What starts out to be a fun field trip to Ireland for Flin and his school debate team turns into a life changing adventure when their bus ends up in an earthquake. Flin and his teammates get swallowed deep into the earth and become trapped under the ocean inside a clear dome where they discover an unknown civilization. Now they must fight their way back to the surface if they ever want to see home again. Join Flin and his classmates on a journey of a lifetime in this thrilling adventure story.

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Flin is excited for his school trip to Ireland. Everything is going great until there's an earthquake. Flin and his companions soon find themselves in a mysterious cave, and with further travel they discover they are under the sea. Here they discover new peoples and things they never had imagined. It will take all Flin and company have to survive their new world and make it back to their own.

This was definitely a fun adventure. I will admit to being a bit confused in the beginning. I wasn't really getting what was going on there. Things picked up once he went to Ireland though. Personally, I found the dialogue to be a bit jumpy. I guess I would just like it to flow a bit smoother. The bad guys were a bit over-the-top too. Flin and some of his other classmates were really fun though. I found the Cobbles to be very cool (even if I had a hard time reading their dialect). I think kids might enjoy this book more than me though, boys in particular. I can see some parts of the story that would be very appealing to them. There is certainly non-stop adventure. I think younger readers will have a great time with Flin.

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