Friday, March 9, 2012

Emerald City Blog Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for Emerald City by Alicia K. Leppert!

One city of 600,000 people.

One broken girl.

One mysterious boy.

One fateful night,

Two worlds collide.  

Seattle, Washington. The sprawling, industrious city set in a blanket of pine. I have never known a day that wasn’t spent inside this concrete jungle. It’s my home, and for that I love it. But it’s also the setting for the tragedy called my life, and so I loathe it.

I live alone in a cold, empty studio apartment. The tiny square room closely resembles a cell. That’s my life: solitary confinement.

Here, in this desolate place that perfectly reflects my soul, my story begins.

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Olivia is in a dark place. Having been abandoned by everyone she loved, Olivia has reached the end. She can no longer deal with her life. What she thinks will be the end however is a new beginning. Saved by her handsome neighbor Jude, Olivia faces a different life. One that is full of Jude. Olivia finds that she does has something to live for. However, Jude has some secrets, the kind that could change everything for both him and Olivia. They both have to learn to adjust to their new situations, and they learn that love often involves sacrifice.

I found the beginning of this book very difficult to read because Olivia is in such a dark place. This is an example of some really great writing though. The author does an amazing job of capturing Olivia's depression. It is very dark and almost suffocating. It is also wonderful to see Olivia slowly begin to work her way out of this dark place. With the help of a good doctor, Olivia is able to work through things and find ways to deal with her life. She is very lucky in that she gains a really awesome support system. I also liked that even at her darkest point, Olivia was still a likable character. No matter what is going on with her, you are able to sympathize and like her. I was definitely happy as things were looking up for her.

Olivia and Jude also have a interesting story. Jude has a secret, one which I won't divulge, so this will be a bit vague. I can say though that their romance is a nice one. They both learn about unconditional love and sacrifice for another person. While this book was difficult to read in parts merely because of what was going on with Olivia, overall I enjoyed the book. I found myself caught up in the story and I read it rather quickly. People looking for a sweet love story full of hope will enjoy this book.

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Anonymous said...

This story sounds intriguing - and I love the title.

I would like to bookmark you for a future book review. I read your review policy, but there is no indication of how to reach you with a review request.

Is there an email address, or a contact form, to which you can direct me?

Lisa said...

You can e-mail me at lhoffpauir at gmail. Thanks for your interest!

Alicia Leppert said...

What a great review! Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Fairday Morrow said...

I haven't heard of this book before- but it sounds like it has some great twists and turns. I am interested in reading it after reading your review. :)