Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carnage Road Blog Tour- Review

Welcome to the blog tour for Carnage Road by Gregory Lamberson!

Boone and Walker, the last two members of the Floating Dragons motorcycle gang in Buffalo, set out to re-discover America during the zombie apocalypse. Their odyssey takes them to Ohio, Kansas, Hollywood, and a last stand in Texas. Along the way they learn just what happens when the federal government ceases to exist, and it isn’t pretty.

A tale of friendship and loyalty, Carnage Road is author Gregory Lamberson’s unforgettable ode to westerns, biker pictures, and the cinema of the living dead.


When the zombie apocalypse happens, it's every man for himself. American quickly falls apart as the ghouls take over cities everywhere. Boone and Walker are some of those living who are trying to survive. After their biker gang falls apart, Boone and Walker set out to see what's left of the United States. Their trip takes them from East Coast to West, and along the way they see some of the good and bad parts of people trying to survive. At the end of the day, Boone and Walker can really only rely on each other, but that may not be enough to keep them from being zombie food.

Carnage Road is a novella, so it's a quick read. It packs a lot into the limited number of pages though. You get a clear view of the desperation and horror of the zombie apocalypse that has taken place. You also get a real sense of the difficulty of surviving a situation like this. This book had enough horror to give you a sense of the terror they were facing, but it wasn't so awful that it kept me from sleeping or anything. I like that though. I feel like it was graphic enough without being too graphic (for a zombie book anyway).

In the end though, this ended up being a great story about friendship. Here are two guys trying to survive something horrific, and yet they are still able to keep a good sense of humor and perspective about things. There are a few stops along the way that are pretty hilarious. The description of zombie Hollywood was amazing and funny at the same time. The end of the story leaves you with sadness but also a bit of happiness knowing these two friends are going into this together. Fans of horror and zombies should definitely check this story out.

Book provided for review.

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