Thursday, December 4, 2014

What Good Men Do Blog Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for What Good Men Do by David S. Baxter!

From slavery abolitionist William Wilberforce to Olympic gold medalist Eric Liddell, great men throughout history have left an example for us to look to. Elder David S. Baxter takes a closer look at the characteristics and attributes of good men so that you can apply them too. He acknowledges that there are no perfect men, but the works and attributes of good men have profound effects. There is no end to the good that a man can do!

David Baxter was born in Stirling, Scotland, and became a General Authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 2006. He previously worked in senior leadership roles in the telecommunications industry, and on the boards of various UK Government agencies, and holds a BSc degree in economics. In his Church service he has been a bishop, a stake president, a member of a mission presidency, and an Area Seventy. He has served in Church area presidencies in Europe and the Pacific. His early home life was traumatic and disrupted, and in 2009 he underwent surgery to remove two brain tumors. He and his wife, Dianne are the parents of four children and nine grandchildren.


There are a lot of great examples of good men throughout time. In this book, Elder David S. Baxter gives examples of some very good men and details what helped to make them good men. Their diverse stories give great inspiration and great examples to follow. Elder Baxter also gives some ways to be "good boys" for younger readers. All of this combines to make for a good read for everyone.

I loved a lot of the ideas presented in this book. Several good men were covered. Their stories were told, and then detail was given as to what made them good men. I found this to be very interesting and inspirational. Even though this book was directed at men, I learned a lot too. I even learned some history as there were a couple men that I was unfamiliar with. Their stories often tied in with Elder Baxter's life as well. I particularly enjoyed the chapter written for boys. As the mother of a boy, I liked the guidelines set down to help boys keep themselves on a good track. Overall I think everyone can learn something from this book. It will help keep your eyes lifted and your life good.

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