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Review: Dewi and the Seeds of Doom

Dewy and the Seeds of Doom by Maggie Lyons

Title: Dewi and the Seeds of Doom  *  Author: Maggie Lyons  *  Year Published: 2012  *  Publisher:MuseItUp Publishing * Pages: 70  *  Recommended Age: 6+
When Dewi is clobbered by a falling rat, the nosy Welsh dragon snoops his way into a challenging predicament. Helped by a toad with a passion for chemical wart cures, Dewi discovers that a megalomaniac baron is secretly breeding mutant corn at an unfriendly castle. To thwart the genetically modified-corn baron’s sickening plan, he must use moxie and firepower in a series of catastrophe-skirting capers.

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About the Author:

Maggie Lyons author

Maggie Lyons was born in Wales and very properly brought up in England before gravitating to Virginia’s coast. She zigzagged her way through a motley slew of careers from (unofficial) British spy to academic editor. Writing and editing nonfiction for adults brought plenty of satisfaction but nothing like the magic she discovered writing for kids. Her children’s books Vin and the Dorky Duet (for ages 7 through 12) and Dewi and the Seeds of Doom (for ages 6 through 10) are available on order at most book stores including Amazon.


Dewi is just your average young dragon until one day when he gets hit by a fallen rat. Not wanting to leave the at to perish, Dewi takes it upon himself to discover what happened to the poor rat. All of this leads him to a gloomy castle and some very strange happenings. Dewi will have to use everything he has to try and help save the world from this mess.

This is a super cute story. Dewi is a smart dragon, and he's not afraid to find others to help him. He really just wants to help people stay safe and happy. Even people or rats that fall on him from above. Dewi uses this sense of justice to help guide his decisions. Of course, he probably should talk to his dad about more things. Along the way, Dewi manages to get a few jokes in with friends as well. There's fun and action in this book, and many young children will get caught up in the story of Dewi. 

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