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Review: Righting a Wrong by Rachael Anderson

Righting a Wrong
Title:Righting a Wrong
Author:Rachael Anderson
Publisher:Hea Publishing
Pub. Date:3/7/2014
ISBN:1941363024 (ISBN13: 9781941363027)

Seven years ago, Cambri Blaine fled her small hometown of Bridger, Colorado after her senior year of high school ended in a fiasco. But now her father needs help, and Cambri has no choice but to return home. So with trepidation, she takes a leave of absence from the landscape architecture firm where she works and heads home, hoping against hope that Jace Sutton is no longer around and that the past can stay where it belongs-in the past. If only life worked that way. Jace never expected to see Cambri again. After she walked out of his life without a backward glance, he was left with no choice but to try to forget her and move on. But now that Cambri is back and looking more beautiful and sophisticated than ever, some of those old feelings resurface, and Jace instinctively knows, for the sake of his heart, that he needs to avoid her at all costs. If only it were that easy.

Cambri made the decision to leave her hometown and make her way in the world. Of course, this meant leaving her father and best friend behind. Right after said best friend had indicated he might want to make their friendship a little something more. Seven years later Cambri is back to help her ailing father. Of course, coming home manages to bring up many feelings she thought she had gotten rid of, including ones she might have had for her best friend Jace. It doesn't help that she keeps running into Jace everywhere. Jace and Cambri soon discover that old friendships die hard, and maybe there's a chance that old wrongs can actually be righted.

This was a very sweet book. Cambri had to make a decision when her best friend Jace made a bit of a move. Still dealing with the death of her mother, Cambri decided to follow her heart and live her dreams by going to the school she always wanted far from home. This allowed her to start the career she always wanted on the east coast. Of course, this kept her away from her home town for a long time. Part of this was career and part was not wanting to deal with everything she left behind. When her father falls ill though, Cambri is forced to return home. It proves to be just as difficult as she had thought it would be, but of course the feelings she feld didn't just disappear.

I liked that Cambri followed her heart. Sometimes you need to focus on your needs, and that's exactly what Cambri did. It allowed her to gain some clarity she wouldn't have had previously. She and Jace had a very sweet relationship. I liked that there was tension between them, but it wasn't held out too long just for the sake of the story. It followed a more natural course. Both Jace and Cambri were given chances to grow and change in the process of rediscovering each other. This was a super quick read, and it was so much fun to read. For a quick and sweet romance, check this book out.

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