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Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes Blog Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes by Henry, Josh, and Harrison Herz and illustrated by Abigail Larson!

Enter an enchanted land of mythical creatures where manticores reign and ogres roar-a land of mystery and fright. A unique twist on traditional rhymes of everyone's youth, "Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes" presents a more sinister approach to these childhood classics, and yet the sing-song nature of the poems renders them playful and jovial at the same time. Little Witch Muffet is not frightened by a silly, little spider; she simply adds him to her stew!

Rotten zombies, giants, dwarves, and goblins mingle with werewolves, centaurs, and fauns. Follow along the skeleton stepping stones, scale up a palisade, claw at the window of a tasty child and bake him into a pumpkin shell. Monsters cook up delicious elvish pie, too! Every kid who has an eensy weensy bit of sense wants a pet with feathers white as snow, who flies like an eagle and bleats like a goat-a hippogriff, of course!

Six forest sprites with four times as many pixies escape from a loaf of bread atop the elaborate table of the fey queen; her feast has flown away! If you enjoy mischief and have a penchant for the morbidly hilarious, the Herzs' rhymes will satisfy your mythological curiosities.

Larson's illustrations give new life to these ancient figures, and her artistic style employs the bold lines and colorful movement of an action-packed comic book. The author also includes a "bestiary" with information about the book's legendary creatures, which hail from Scotland, Germany, Italy, Persia, Haiti, and Scandinavia.

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Everyone has heard of Mother Goose's nursery rhymes, but have you ever heard of Monster Goose? This book takes familiar stories and adds some fun new twists. Where else can you read the tale of This Little Hydra, and much more menacing substitute for This Little Piggy? With beautiful illustrations, this book will entertain in a whole new way.

I love to have a retelling of a story everyone is familiar with, so this book was right up my alley. So many nursery rhymes became so much more interesting and fun through these new versions. If the old versions were ever not quite dangerous enough for you, then these stories will probably be just right. I loved the illustrations as well. They managed to be beautiful while still portraying the mood of the stories. However, they also did an amazing job of not being too scary. Just creepy enough. This is a fun and beautiful book that will be sure to get you thinking past the usual nursery rhymes into a whole new world.

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