Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Teaching Children About Sex Blog Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for Teaching Children About Sex: Using the Temple as Your Guide by Cherri Brooks!

It’s time for the talk. Teach your children the truth about sexual intimacy in a world of shifting values and ideas. With expert advice and age-appropriate wording, you learn how to use the temple as a beautiful analogy to discuss with your kids the sacred subject of sex. Timely and clear, this book is a must-read for parents, teachers, and leaders.

About the author:
Cherri H. Brooks grew up in Centerville, Utah and attended Utah State University where she earned her M.S. in Family and Human Development. She is the author of the LDS Living Magazine article, “Talking to Kids about Sex.” Her blog is www.timelesstemples.blogspot.com. She lives in Clarksville, Tennessee, with her husband and three children.

Ah sex. Talking about it to children is often viewed as trial to be endured. However, it is a very important topic the becomes even more important as the world around us changes. This book uses the temple and temple preparation as an example for a way to discuss everything with your children starting from a young age. It gives straightforward answers from both biological and value viewpoints. By keeping the lines of communication open, you can allow for a truly wonderful experience.

My son isn't old enough that I've had to worry about going into a lot of detail about sex, but I have tried to be honest and truthful about things like where babies come from. I was both excited and a little scared about reading this book. I wasn't sure if it would approach things from a point-of-view that I would agree with. I was so pleased to be surprised. This book is amazing! I love how positive this book was. So many times talking about sex becomes a negative thing because we want them so much to understand the importance of chastity. This is not always the best approach though. We need to find a balance so that children and youth understand how important sex is and why we save it for the appropriate time and place.

I love that this book emphasizes the need for communication on this topic starting from a young age. This book helped me see areas I have done well and areas in which I could use some major improvement. There are questions and answers for each age group that have some great help in them. At the end of there book there is some dealing with "special" topics in this area. They were absolutely full of fantastic information and direction. I wish that everyone would read this book. It manages to be very sex positive while using the temple as a guide to show why chastity is so important to us. This is a book I know I'll reference for years to come. With it's beautiful message and positive tone, it takes what could be a touchy subject and makes it approachable for everyone. 

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