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Virtual Blog Tour- Enduring Light by Carla Kelly

Welcome to the blog tour of Enduring Light by Carla Kelly!

She leaned toward him and rested her elbows on the brass rail at the foot of her bed. “All right, cowboy, just when did you fall in love with me? I’m definitely curious now.” 
He regarded her in the moonlight. “I knew I was a no-hoping goner when I caught that ridiculous hat of yours on the platform at Gun Barrel.” 
Julia sucked in her breath. She tried to be severe. “Mr. Otto, nobody falls in love that fast!” 
“I did,” he said simply, as he left her room. 

Julia Darling is finally able to marry Paul Otto for eternity. But it’s a harsh world for a rancher in turn-of-the-century Wyoming, especially a Mormon rancher. When alienation and threats begin, Julia must prove she’s her husband’s equal in strength and endurance as she learns to let go of scars on the outside and inside. 

Bestselling author Carla Kelly has woven a new story of a determined rancher, his wife, and how they discover the depths of love.

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Julia is finally recovering from a brutal fire that nearly took her life. One important step forward is getting to marry her love, the rancher Paul Otto. Life in Wyoming is very different from her life in Salt Lake City, but she takes it in stride. Julia must learn to deal with mistreatment and distrust from other ranchers. She and Paul also have to deal with another man threatening them and a young boy they have taken care of. As Julia learns to endure her trials, she will grow and learn to love the land and her husband even more than she thought possible.

This book was very sweet. Julia is a very determined woman who is willing to fight for what she wants, and that is always fun to read about. Paul is very kind and a great husband to her. One slightly negative thing was that I was unaware this was the second in a series, but it became very apparent rather quickly. The book was easy to get into, but it glosses over some things that you would know if you had read the first book. That made it a little harder to read at times. There was just a familiarity with the characters and their pasts that I was missing.

That being said, I still enjoyed the book. The plot of this book is fairly independent from the first book, so other than a distinct feeling you're missing some details, you can still enjoy this book. I was particularly fascinated by the reactions of other ranchers to Paul's becoming LDS. There was a lot of negative reactions and prejudice towards Paul and Julia because of their religion, and I thought this was a very interesting plot point. If you like romance and historical novels, this will certainly be a book you will enjoy (although it will definitely help if you read the first book before this one).

Galley provided for review.

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