Thursday, December 1, 2011

Virtual Blog Tour: Miracle of the Christmas Star by Susan Dean Elzey

Hannah died the night she was born. The new star's light brought her back to life, but left her stricken with palsy. Sariah, Hannah's mother, believes Hannah can be healed, if only she can find the Savior. Miracle of the Christmas Star is a tender story of love, faith and endurance that will touch your heart and remind you why miracles happen.


Sariah is giving birth on a very special night. When her child is born, the child is not breathing. A very special star seemed to bring Hannah back to life, but it's a life full of pain. Hannah has palsy, and cannot take care of herself. Sariah and her husband do everything for Hannah, much to the dismay of some in the village. Several times throughout her life Hannah has seemed to be very lucky indeed, escaping death when other children could not. Sariah has heard that a savior was born under the same special star as Hannah, and she is determined to find him to heal her daughter. Through all the trials of life, Sariah and Hannah carry on hoping for one final miracle that can heal Hannah.

This was a very touching book. You really feel for Sariah. In fact, I think the thing the author did best was really capture the ups and downs of having a special needs child. There are so many unique struggles. Sariah wonders what will happen to Hannah when Sariah has gotten older; she also struggles with the dependence on her Hannah has for her every need. However, Sariah also realized the special love and joy she gets from having Hannah as a daughter. I think Sariah's desire to have Hannah be healed represents something that many parents want for their child, if only to make their child's life easier. 

This book has very beautiful examples of faith, patience, and endurance. It is also a great reminders of all the miracles that occur in our lives, big and small. While it is a wonderful read during the Christmas season, I think it would also be good at any time of the year. This book can remind us of all the things we need to help us get through life and the one sure source of comfort we have. 

Galley provided for review.

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