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Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons Blog Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons by Zandra Vanes and Tamu Smith!

You’ve read the title, and now you’re scratching your head, wondering if this book is for real, right?

It is. Yes, the authors are bona fide Mormons. And hilarious, too! They call themselves Sistas in Zion.

Did we mention they’ve got enough faith to move mountains? Well, they haven’t moved any mountains just yet, but that’s not stopping them from keeping right on praying and believing and knowing that the gospel of Jesus Christ is worth it.

Their unique perspective on their own diary entries will have you laughing one minute and exclaiming “Amen!” the next. They talk about personal experiences and lessons they’ve learned about relationships, sisterhood, standing up for what you believe, embracing diversity, and dealing with adversity—what being a Christian is all about.

The Sistas’ humorous and poignant outlook on life will strengthen your faith and remind you of the joy to be found in living a Christ-centered life. You’ll soon realize that the authors aren't mad-mad—they’re crazy-mad, funny, and inspiring!


Zandra Vranes and Tamu Smith are popular multimedia personalities and the authors of the online blog Zandra (Sista Laurel) and Tamu (Sista Beehive) also host a weekly online radio program, Sistas in Zion Radio. Their media identities, which focus on humorous aspects of faith and Mormon culture, seek to uplift, inspire, bridge religious divides, and create healthy dialogue.

Zandra and Tamu are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter—day Saints. They enjoy the fact that their Christian values and their work coincide.

Their lives are blessed by amazing family and friends. Zandra is thankful for her boo, the love of her life. Tamu enjoys spending time with her husband of twenty years and their six wonderful kids.


As real live "Sistas" in Zion, Sista Beehive (Tamu Smith) and Sista Laurel (Zandra Vranes) have been using their experiences to teach and entertain. Through as series of short tales written jointly and longer diary entries written seperately, the Sistas use humor to back up their knowledge and faith. They live their beliefs on their sleeves, and they aren't afraid to share everything they've learned (good and bad) with everyone. 

I'm not sure love can encompass  how much I enjoyed this book. These two women are smart, funny, and very faithful. They are able to take everyday experiences and less frequent happenings in their lives and turn them into lessons that everyone can use. They don't shy away from any issues. The Sistas are even willing to call out their own errors in order to help teach valuable lessons. It takes a lot of bravery to do that I think. They also managed to bring up a lot of really good points. I found many things that I felt like I could work on, and the ideas presented were relatable to me.  

I really loved the Sistas ability to make me feel welcome and a part of their lives. This just really draws you in, and you almost feel like you're just chatting with your best friends about anything and everything. I loved their unflinching look at how their faith has been shaped by so many things in their lives including their race. Let's face it, there are a lot of different scenarios the Sistas had to deal with as opposed to your average (ie white) Mormon. I hope that as people read these experiences, they are able to learn lessons to apply in their own lives as well. I did laugh a little at the "translations" of some of the words that were used, because I was unsure why they needed to be put it. It was pretty standard slang to me, but talking to my husband and mom I guess I see what the target audience for that was. Read this book. It is so worth your time. This doesn't just go for Mormons either; this was written in a way that anyone can understand and find lessons in. This was a fantastic book!

Book provided for review.

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