Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review: Hearts In Harmony by Raine Gillespie

Title:Hearts In Harmony
Author:Raine Gillespie
Publisher:Trifecta Books
Pub. Date:08/23/2014

Elahna Nezario gave up her musical dreams to help run the Queen of Hearts, her mother’s chocolate shop, after her sister’s sudden death. After an unfortunate run-in with Elahna’s childhood crush, owner of the Dolce Theater, not only do her dreams surge back to life, but so does her heart.

(Summary and cover via Goodreads)


Elahna has two big dreams in life: being on stage and being with her life-long crush. Life hasn't quite worked out that way though. Instead Elahna is working for her mom in a chocolate shop and merely admiring her crush from afar as he lives out her dream on stage. After a series of unfortunate events though, Elahna is stuck working for her crush Timothy. As a mystery begins to unfold, Elahna's life may never be the same.

This story started out a little rough for me. I thought Elahna was fun, but I didn't really get Timothy. It seemed like was attractive sometimes but just plain mean at others. He was so hot and cold. Once the story got it's footing it got better though. There is a couple big mysteries in the story, and those were very interesting to read about. Overall this was a fun story with a sweet ending.

Book provided for review.

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