Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: Mother's Love Can Conquer Any Fear

Title:Mother's Love Can Conquer Any Fear!
Author:Subhash Kommuru
Illustrator:Sujata Kommuru
Publisher:Kommuru Books
Pub. Date:10/2014

Shastriji is a wise old chicken who always has an answer for How…. until comes the vile crow Kaalia who is up to no good. All of Shastriji’s ideas to deal with Kaalia one after other backfires. What if the right question was not “How” but “Why”? Could there be an end to the tyranny of Kaalia?


The chickens of Anand Nagar live a happy and peaceful life, until one day they begin getting attacked by the evil Kaalia. The wise chicken Shastriji has lots of ideas, but none of them seem to work. One day though, Kaalia does something that will cause one of the chickens to do something that will surprise everyone.

This is a very cute book. I loved the story. While Kaalia is attacking them, Shastriji has many ideas on how to save everyone. However, the most powerful thing is the one thing people lease expected. Ganga the mother hen shows that her love is the most powerful thing after all. The pictures in this book are all very bright and interesting. This book does a great job of telling a beautiful story that will mean something to mothers and children all over the world.

Book provided for review.

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