Monday, June 4, 2012

Arm Chair BEA Day 1- Introductions

I, like many bloggers, would love to go to BEA but am not really in the position to go in person. So what's the next best thing? Armchair BEA of course! All this week I'm going to be participating with a long list of other bloggers who are participating this week from the comfort of their own homes. Or wherever they blog.

So first up is introductions! This year they gave us a list of questions, and they wanted us to pick 5 questions to answer. Here are my picks:

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?

My name is Lisa, and I have been blogging for a little over a year. I don't really have an interesting background or anything. I have a 2 year old son who I stay at home with. My other hobbies are playing on computers, playing piano, and figure skating. I actually just started taking skating 7 months ago or so, and it's an absolute blast. So if you're an adult who's always wanted to take skating but was scared, you should go for it. I actually got into blogging through a friend. I got a Nook for Christmas one year and was really excited to have such an accessible way to read, but my husband wasn't exactly dying to hear my thoughts on all the books. My friend had a blog, and I thought it would be a great way to get some ideas about books out without annoying everyone I live with.

2. What are you currently reading?

As of the writing of this post (a little ahead of time) I am reading There Goes the Bride by Holly McQueen. I just finished Timepiece by Myra McEntire. I'm not sure what's up next.

3. If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why?

Ohhh, this is a good question! I think I'd love to eat dinner with author Elizabeth Peters. I love her books, and for a while I thought she had a way of seeing my life and then writing it in her books. I'm also fascinated by her vast knowledge of Egyptology. She just seems like such an interesting person.

4. What literary location would you most like to visit? Why?

Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice. I think I could get lost there and enjoy every second of it!

5. Have your reading tastes changed since you started blogging? How?

I don't think they've changed too much. I've always been pretty open-minded about what I read. I've read some really terrific book and some books I thought were not so great, but I don't really want to ever write a completely negative review. Just because I didn't like a book doesn't mean it won't be the most fantastic book to someone else. So I do sometimes have to struggle to find good things about books. In some ways my tastes have become broader I suppose.

Ok, that's all I got. Thanks for getting to know me a bit today. I look forward to reading all the other posts.


Nicki J Markus said...

Being in Australia, I am also not attending BEA, but I look forward to more of your posts during Armchair BEA.

Leah said...

Yay! I'm glad you're participating too! Hope it's a good week for you! :)

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

My husband is also thankful that I blog, so he doesn't have to hear about every single book I'm reading as well!

Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

Good Morning and welcome to Armchair BEA! It is a pleasure to meet you! I am lucky, my husband reviews for me :)


Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I'm enjoying "meeting" other book bloggers, and purposely picking those I haven't come to know. I like expanding my horizons.

Enjoy the week! Here's MY ARMCHAIR BEA POST

melissa @ 1lbr said...

Yeah! So glad you decided to join up for Armchair BEA. I don't like writing totally negative reviews either, so I make myself come up with good things about books I didn't enjoy. You know there's always a reader for every book. Have fun!

.Ambur. said...

It's nice to meet you, Lisa! :)

Yay for getting a Nook for Christmas! I absolutely love my ereader. I have a Kindle though, and I got a Kobo Vox for my birthday, and I love having so many books in one little's pretty cool. And I'm glad you've found an outlet for talking about books through your blog. That's pretty much why I do it too...just to share my love of books with others, and get my fangirling out of my system. ;) haha

I don't write negative reviews either. I mention things I liked and didn't like, and try to kind of be more objective in my more "negative" reviews I guess. I like to leave the decision to read something up to my readers rather than telling them that they shouldn't read it because who knows maybe they'll love something I hate in a book. :)

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself with us! :)
My BEA Introduction Post

West Virginia Red said...

I just got my Nook for my birthday and and am super excited about having the ebook option.

Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice is a wonderful choice. Does an introduction to Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy come with it?

Kris said...

I love how you started blogging! Makes me smile!

Hannah Lorraine said...

Yay! I loved Timepiece! Awesome series =) So lovely to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Pemberly is a good pick for your literary vacation. Well done!

I went to Bath a few years ago, and forgot to visit the Jane Austin museum. I'm still mad at myself, grrr....

Shannon@BooksDevoured said...

I love that you started figure skating as an adult! I would love to do that but I think I am too chicken!

Andrea @ Cozy Up said...

It's so great to get to know you here Lisa. I know what you mean about your husband not wanting to hear about all your books. My boyfriend is the same way (and a lot of the people I spend most of my time with, minus work people, since I work in the publishing industry). It's nice to have a place to go all fangirl over books and authors and to really get my feelings across.

Jennifer A said...

I just read Timepiece! I thought it was really good.

Nice to meet you! :)

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Hi Lisa! So nice to meet you. Yes, that is what's so great about book blogging. We can finally talk to people who actually want to hear us talk about books. ;O) I agree with you about reviews. I believe that all books have their merits and so I never write completely negative reviews. I think I've only had a couple 'did not finish' books in an entire (so far) life of reading.

I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Man of la Book said...

Nice to meet you Lisa. I had a laugh as well at the way you started blogging.

Looking forward to read more, by the way, also a proud nook owner, let me know if you want to borrow books and I'll send you the email I'm registered under.

Chrystal said...

My future husband bought me an ereader a while ago, but he also does not want to hear all about my books. LOL Thank goodness for blogging. ;)