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When it comes to tracking down ancient treasures, Jonathon’s pretty sure he knows what he’s doing. But even his time in Peru couldn’t prepare him for the dangers lurking in his own backyard. Now he must reunite with old friends to protect the secrets inside the sacred mountain temple of Carre Shinob. Suspenseful and surprising, this is an edge-of-your-seat adventure from page one.

Meet the Author:

I’m terrified of spiders, can’t fry eggs, and my inability to bake a chocolate chip cookie has become family legend. But blessings come from weaknesses. None of my children have a pet tarantula. My husband volunteers to fry the eggs for breakfast. And all of my sons and daughters are expert cookie bakers. Life if like that–it compensates for our weaknesses by sending others into our lives. Isn’t that wonderful? Writing books and reading them is another wonderful way we can strengthen ourselves and others. I believe it is a writer’s duty to craft words that lift people and help them feel better about their personal lives and those around them, to see the good in life. That is a responsibility I take very seriously. You can learn more about T. Lynn’s writing at And don’t forget to check out her other book:


Jonathon is excited to have his friend from Peru, Sevarino, come and visit him. Sevarino saved Jonathon's life in Peru , so Jonathon wants to pay him back a bit. A simple camping trip turns into a horrible situation for the two boys and their friend Tallie when they all get caught up in a huge mess. Jonathon finds some old Spanish coins and artifacts, but it appears he's not the only one interested. The 3 young people will have to quickly figure out who they can trust if they are going to survive this adventure.

If you are looking for adventure and excitement, this is the book for you. There were so many twists and turns my head was spinning. I caught on fairly quickly that this was a sequel, but I don't think I suffered too much by not having read the first book. I was able to catch up on what had happened. Jonathon, Sevarino, and Tallie were great friends. They were the kind of people you would always want to have on your side. The bad guys were pretty bad. The fun part though was figuring out exactly who the bad guys were and what they were after. Just when I though I had everything figured out, new facts came out that changed things.

One of my favorite things was the amount of Native American history and folk lore. I liked that the history of the Paiutes wasn't white-washed in any way. Their suffering wasn't ignored. It was also great to have so many different cultures and peoples represented. This book is a great adventure that I think boys and girls will both enjoy. There's also some wonderful science used to explain "supernatural" things, and I thought this was really great. Overall, a very fun book. I'm going to hunt down the first one I think, because if this book is any representative it must be a great read!

Galley provided for review.

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