Thursday, June 7, 2012

Armchair BEA Day 4- Beyond the Blog

Today we are going beyond the blog! You know, I really have no writing ambitions. I am definitely not a creative writer in anyway (although I was aces at technical writing in school). As much as I think it would be cool to write for a local paper or something, I think I'd be pretty bad at it. My reviewing style is not something that would translate well. I think. I actually don't know what people are looking for. Heh.

You know, I feel like I don't do a whole lot of networking or socializing with other bloggers. The main reason is...I just don't have time. I know some people are able to mutli-task and get so many things done. That's not me. I do well to get reviews done period. So don't think I'm not social or rude, I am just trying to get everything done in my rather busy life.

When I really want to get away, my current way is figure skating. I have never taken skating lessons before in my life, and last year a local rink offered a one-day free class. I e-mailed and asked if they took adults, and they were more than happy to take adult students. So I went. It was so fun. Also, I'm not completely horrid on the ice. So I signed up for lessons last fall. A few months later I added private lessons, and now I'm looking forward to my first competition in July. Now, I'm not doing anything fancy (just things like back stroking and back crossovers), but it's been great to have a goal to work towards. I also have 2 other lovely ladies from my group class that are competing there too (though luckily at different levels).

The moral of this story? Go try something you've always wanted to do! I had always loved skating, but I never dreamed I would be going to my first figure skating competition in my mid-30's. It's been great fun though, and I love it. It's usually a nice stress reliever too. Or at least a chance to get away from the house and have some alone time.


Sarah said...

Aww, I love your ice skating story! There are a TON of things that I would love to take a class on to learn, but I'm always too shy or feel like I don't have time. You're definitely an inspiration!

Good luck at your competition and Happy ABEA!

Valerie StuckInBooks said...

Totally get the time thing. I'm not sure how I get as much done as I do sometimes and frankly could add another 10 hours to everyday and still not be caught up.

Thanks for participating!

Here's my beyond my blog post


Rachel said...

That's cool that you learned ice skating and took it up as a hobby in your 30s. One doesn't hear about that everyday. I've been skating a few times, but I lack the coordination needed to be good at it. Still fun, though and I still go every winter. But I'll stick to writing and reading!

Leanne Yang said...

That's a great moral, to do whatever you want to do. And it's great that you took up ice skating :DD